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  • Rethinking medical marijuana dispensaries’ banRethinking medical marijuana dispensaries’ ban
    City council is considering lifting the moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries in Boca.  All five members asked staff to draft a new law to allow them. But there are still concerns over limiting the number in city limits. Council will still have to discuss and vote on a new law.… Read more »
  • City to take second look at medical marijuana banCity to take second look at medical marijuana ban
    The city will reconsider its five-year ban on medical marijuana dispensaries. Boca city council passed four moratoriums, the latest last fall. But now it’s time to also consider compassionate care, Mayor Scott Singer said at his town hall Wednesday. Patients who have a prescription for medical marijuana are inconvenienced. And… Read more »
  • Boca reconsiders medical marijuana dispensary banBoca reconsiders medical marijuana dispensary ban
    Could medical marijuana dispensaries be in the city’s future? Council is reconsidering renewing Boca’s moratorium. But don’t look for a flurry of facilities anytime soon.  Florida voters approved medical marijuana in 2016. Laws passed in 2017 allowed cities to say no.  Palm Beach County opted in and some cities have… Read more »
  • We Tried CBD Oil (And No, it’s Not Marijuana)We Tried CBD Oil (And No, it’s Not Marijuana)
    There’s been a surge over the last year in the wellness industry of companies offering cannabidiol products for retail and for usage in services—there are over 80 CBDs unique to cannabis, which can be extracted and used in treatment of countless conditions. Cannabinoids, also known as CBDs, are the chemical… Read more »
  • Boca Politicians Start Acting Like Politicians; Medical Marijuana in Boca; and More
    The politicking begins… Almost everyone on the Boca Raton City Council is running for something. And it shows. It showed during Tuesday night’s meeting, when what should have been straightforward approval of the Ocean Palm condo turned into nearly two hours of political performance art. The council previously approved Ocean… Read more »
  • Customs Facility Delayed, No Marijuana in Boca?Customs Facility Delayed, No Marijuana in Boca?
    Airport delays The customs facility at Boca Raton Airport will open at least two months late. The plan was that the gateway, which will save private pilots and their passengers an extra stop at Palm Beach International or Fort Lauderdale Executive, was supposed to be ready by Labor Day. But… Read more »
  • South Shore physician, researcher promotes safe use of medical marijuanaSouth Shore physician, researcher promotes safe use of medical marijuana
    By STEPHEN FLANAGAN JACKSON Seventy-five years ago it was termed “the devil’s pitchfork.” A 1936 propaganda movie, Refer Madness, touted the insidious dangers of marijuana addiction for teenagers. Twenty years ago, possession of a joint or two could have spelled a prison term and a felony arrest. Dr. Sasha Noe… Read more »
  • SR Construction Services Homefield AdvantageSR Construction Services Homefield Advantage
    When you meet someone with a passion for his/her work there is often a compelling personal reason which contributes to success.  So it is with Ryan Seddon, Principle of SR Construction Services, a turnkey vertically-integrated Florida general contractor with multiple statewide licenses offering synergy with clients. As a third-generation contractor,… Read more »
  • Dude, Where’s My Job? Employee Protection for Off-Site Marijuana Use Under Florida LawDude, Where’s My Job? Employee Protection for Off-Site Marijuana Use Under Florida Law
    By Dustin Robinson, Esq. CPA The Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) prohibits employers from discriminating against qualified individuals on the basis of disability, which is defined to include a broad array of impaired conditions. Under the ADA, the employer must provide reasonable accommodations to the disabled employee so that the… Read more »